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We signed up with Bluebay pre-wedding photoshoot during the BOWS event in October 2015 with Maggie, the Singapore store manager. She was friendly and assisted us with the package deals and told us upfront of the places we could go and other add-ons which was clearly written in the contract. Subsequently, 3 weeks before the actual photoshoot in Taipei that we went to their SG Delfi branch to speak to Keika. She was busy at that time, so another lady entertained us. Can't really remember her name, but she assisted us and reconfirm some dates for the shoot and post photo selection, things to bring such as button shirt and some miscellaneous add-ons should we want it. She also mentioned that we should take pictures from their album and show it to the photographer if we want similar 'feel' of pictures. I took some but cleared my photo bank before heading over so we had nothing to show the photographer haha. As a sunflower lover, we checked with her if there are sunflower in the area and she had to check with the Taiwan side. To our dismay, it was only at a theme park with a small plot. At that moment I was quite sad because I thought sunflowers bloom at this time of the year. However, flowering season and weather conditions did not work to our advantage. We also contacted Maggie via whatsapp and she was really prompt in replying our queries regarding the shoot even though we message her like 9+pm on 2-3 consecutive days. Felt so bad to disturb her so late at night. Another thing was that after reading several post here and contacting Maggie about the aerial videography, it was not possible in certain areas in Taiwan due to the air space regulation. Both my husband and I were actually looking forward to this aerial videography. Also, the weather in Taipei in June was not looking promising so I was actually quite stress about the weather and the lack of sunflowers for photoshoot.

Prior to arriving in Taiwan, Ann called me from Taipei. She reminded me of the things to bring etc. As I was a sunflower lover, I was adamant in going to some sunflower area to take photos. She told me when we arrived in Taipei then we can decide again as flowers bloom and wilt at different times. So off we went to Taipei. We were there during the last week of June. Upon reaching Taipei, the skies were clear and the weather was balmy. We had a day to ourselves before meeting the Bluebay (BB) team the following day.

Finally we got to meet Ann in person at BB at 1pm. She confirmed the routes which we will be going for our photoshoot. Knowing I am crazy over sunflowers, she found a sunflower farm 向日农场 at 桃园 but it was a 3 hour drive from Taipei and back to 阳明山. I was really toying with the idea of just forgoing some spots just for my sunflower. The route was really out of the way. She advised me to speak to the photographer the next day to confirm if I really want to do this. Next, we were swiftly ushered to Joan who helped picked out some gowns for me because I have no clue what kind of gown styles suited me. I preferred satin, non puffy and with as little bling accessories as possible. Her selections were spot on. It was quite an interesting experience to try on gowns. Some were heavier due to the material and train, some had more flowy feel. Eventually we settled on 2 white gowns and 2 coloured gowns after 2hrs. Then we went off via taxi (actually the shop is just 1-2 blocks away) to the suit shop called ELE Suit. We were attended by a tall lady who introduced us to the white and black suits that were in the package. Then she pulled out a couple of other contrasting vest in silver and cream with matching ties and bows for us to consider as rented add-ons. Each set cost 1000 TWD~ S$42. We rented two sets as we felt black/white suit with contrasting inner vest and ties looked more presentable. The shop owner also showed us custom made suits and pants which we could purchase but we weren't very keen.

The next day at 8am, we arrived at BB. We met 佳宁 (MUA) first as she started make up and hair on me. We added 6 ampules at TWD 500 each. My makeup and hair took around 1.5 hrs. I tried my best to grow out my hair (coz I really hate long hair haha!), she had magic hands and was able to transform my hair into many hairstyles. I was super impressed by her makeup skills. This lady is really the God of makeup hahha! She was also very friendly and bubbly. While I was doing makeup and hair, in walked 伟庭 in his fisherman hat and lighting equipment. Initially we thought he was the photographer! haha Then after some time, Lawrence the videographer and Dolby the photographer arrived.

As Dolby knew the sunflower issue, he rationalised with us on the route and we followed his advice by going to 阳明山 and 大顿基地 ( the wedding photoshoot theme park near 阳明山). As I really really can't forgo my sunflower, my husband and 伟庭 went to the nearby market to buy a bouquet of sunflowers and baby's breath for 400TWD. It was a really beautiful bunch of sunflowers.

Off we went to several sites at 阳明山 using a mini van driven by 志建, a super funny guy. Thank God for the weather. It held up throughout the trip. At the first site, at the base of the mountain, there were LOADS of mosquitoes! Poor Dolby and the rest of the crew got bitten really bad! I felt so sorry for them.  They still don't mind the itch and was super professional, continued to take many pictures for us with many poses. As we traveled further up the mountain, the air was cooler and drier, it was much more comfortable. The black forest was really lovely as well as the waterfall. A little treacherous but was worth the effort. After most sites on 阳明山, we went to 大顿基地. Initially, we hated the idea of a fake place, fake theme park, fake everything. We wanted everything about nature. But lo and behold, the place has it's own charm. The flowers, although not sunflower, were blooming radiantly. There were other fixtures around the site but Dolby knowing our type of photos that we wanted to take, chose those with flowers or natural looking background. It was the best decision as we fell in love with the full glass windows and antique chairs. This place requires a fee of TWD 500 per pax, so we paid TWD 2000 without the videographer as we felt it was ridiculous to pay for TWD 1000 for the video equipment.

Throughout the photography session, the crew was upbeat and tried to make us laugh. Dolby was really cool and professional, 伟庭 really helped me a fair bit by arranging my gown trains here and there, dealing with the lighting etc. 佳宁 really went all out to create 4 hair dos for me and they were all gorgeous. She also helped with me all the gown changes. Really a super woman! Overall the experience was tiring but a fulling one. Wouldn't have wanted another team.

We went back to BB for the viewing of photoshoot at 1pm. Ann showed us the photos, almost 250 photos! We had a hard time deciding and Ann was super lovely. She assisted us in getting rid of those that were not in sync with the general look and help us keep those that portrayed a 'feel'. In the end, we signed up 10 more as initially we did not want to buy anymore from them. Our album does not consist of layout so it's a one to one type of album. We finished selecting the photos for 3 hrs and Ann introduced us to a night market near her home other than those touristy night markets.

Overall, the experience with Bluebay was an enjoyable one. Although I was stress about weather and flowers but it turned out really well and I must say Bluebay team is really a professional one. Thumbs up!